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Recognized for its innovative dairy farm products, BouMatic is dedicated to ensuring that dairy farm producers throughout the world have the ability to produce the highest quality milk most efficiently, profitably,and responsibly.​

"The Milk Cooling Specialists"

VES Environmental Solutions, LLC.
is North America’s
leader in cow comfort and environmental solutions for the modern dairy farmer.
-Red Barn provides comfort and traction within milking areas, feed lanes, transfer lanes, crossovers, holding pens, and exit lanes.

-Now you can achieve maximum cow comfort without breaking the bank!

-Check out our unique solutions
Parlor mats provide safety and comfort for those working in the milking barn.

Advanced product designs and a high​ quality network of dealers: these are the cornerstones upon which the Jamesway brand was built.Jamesway now offers the most extensive line of manure handling equipment in the world. Jamesway equipment is at work today in more than 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
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